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Our Services

At Terrier Pest Control our fully qualified Pest Control Technicians will handle your pest problem in a fast and discreet manner. From the smallest insect to the largest rodent, a solitary sighting or an infestation, you can rely on Terrier Pest Control Services to sort the problem.

We appreciate that many of our customers may not be at home during the day. Therefore we would like to point out that we are also available evenings and weekends at a time to suit you.

Domestic Pest Control

When it comes to protecting your household from unwanted visitors we at Terrier Pest Control use the safest, effective methods and approved products in order to make your household safe and eradicate all unwanted visitors. We offer a comprehensive range of domestic services that can be tailored to suit your needs, and your hours.

We cover the following pests:

  • Rodents (Rats and Mice)
  • Wasp Nests, Insects and Flies
  • Birds & Bats
  • Other pests & wildlife management

We also offer a pest proofing service to prevent pests from re-entering your home.

Our service technicians are BPCA qualified and experienced. We will always endeavour to keep costs to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest of standards. Our services are carried out very discreetly using unmarked vans, and plain uniformed staff.

It is often cheaper to contact a professional straight away rather than trying to deal with a pest problem yourself. By choosing a BPCA member you can be sure that staff will have been properly trained and that the highest standards are met.

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Commercial Pest Control

Terrier Pest Control service agreements are flexible, can be set up for any type of premises, to cover any range of pest infestations, for any period and with any frequency of service!

Our services include:

  • Regular service visits/inspections to all specified areas of premises.
  • Installation of monitors/detectors in accordance with the pest specification.
  • Reporting system, recording each service visit, with details of pest infestation findings, advice or recommendations, treatment carried out and pesticides used.
  • Emergency call-outs or follow-up visits to deal with infestations.

Initial surveys are carried out free of charge and the service agreement is based on the needs of the business. Quotations are based upon these details and the service agreement will involve annual or staged payments in advance.

Services Include:

  • Site survey
  • Costs for the work to be completed
  • Written report with observations and recommendations
  • Method statements and risk assessments for site specific jobs incorporating digital photographs
  • One point of contact to establish client relationships and to convey feedback following every site visit

Farming & Agriculture Pest Control

Pest infestations in farming and agriculture are a major concern and pose a real threat to agricultural; not only through the potential loss of revenue due to crop damage but left untreated, nuisance pests also cause significant damage to machinery, farming equipment and property. Effective pest control for farms and agricultural premises is essential and should be a high priority for farmers.

Rats and mice (vermin/rodents) are a common pest experienced by most farmers, especially during the autumn harvest season; they are responsible for causing considerable damage to crops, equipment and property, mainly as a result of their gnawing behaviour and tendency to urinate on everything.

Stored product insects such as beetles and weevils can infest grain and bulk commodities, and seasonal pests, predominantly flying insects, not only cause distress to livestock but the spread of disease has been attributed to certain species of flying insects.

Services include:

  • Commodity, chamber and grain fumigation
  • Pre-harvest grain store cleaning and spraying
  • Grain monitoring using temperature and moisture probes
  • Pre-harvest insecticidal treatment
  • Vertebrae control (birds and rodents)
  • Insect and mite management

We specialise in wildlife management tackling pests such as moles, rabbits, wood pigeon, corvids and grey squirrels. We assess and control sensitive problems using effective and discreet methods.

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Waste Management Services

We work closely with one of  Northern Ireland’s leading waste management companies. If required, we are able to offer a full site clearance service.